Crying babyMy Child is Not Giving Me a Hard Time

Over the years Proactive Parenting has been known for showing parents how to correct behavior, enforce rules, apply boundaries and shut down power struggles. In fact, this website is full of strategies to help parents with all of that. Recently I’ve come to realize that I haven’t spent as much time as I should have talking about how love can factor into parenting.

You maybe thinking, what’s there to know about love? I know what love is, how it feels and how to give it, and indeed you do. But have you thought about the different forms love can take as you correct behavior?

When it comes to correcting a child’s behavior, love must be present. Teaching a child about their behavior is the most loving thing a parent can do. And embracing unconditional love, versus anger, as you correct behavior is what a child needs to thrive, grow and change. If you think about it, correcting and love are two sides of the same coin! They need to be used together in order to change behavior and make lessons impactful.

At the root of any relationship is a desire for unconditional love. The big question is why do we use anger instead of love to correct behavior? Take a moment and ask yourself the big question; the answer is different for everyone. Once you have your answer your parenting will shift more toward love than anger.


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