family-sign on mantel thanksgiving decorations2 More Articles to Shift Behavior & Have a Calm Holiday

Let me be really honest.
Parenting is complicated!
Family is complicated!
Holiday’s are complicated.
I know I’m not saying anything new, but it’s the truth!

One reason parenting is so complicated is because there are SO many feelings.
There’s your child’s feelings, which get unleashed any where, at any time.
There are your feelings.
There’s your husband, partner, or significant other’s feelings.
There are grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunt’s and uncle’s feelings.
There are your feelings about everyone else’s feelings.
And their feelings about your feelings!
Oh, my! It’s hard to know where to start!

Some good news, I have two more articles for you today, just in time for Thanksgiving!

These articles address two things that can easily derail Thanksgiving. One is about siblings and roughhousing, mean talk, and things of that nature. The other one deals with how to bridge the gap when mom and dad correct behavior differently. Like I said, both topics can easily derail a holiday and take it to another level.

The first article is called Does Roughhousing Lead to Violence and the second one is called When Parents Fight About How to Correct Behavior.
Each article has some good tips you can easily use before, during, and after the big feast.
If you missed yesterday’s post you can click on this link and get Getting Kids to Listen without Repeating Yourself.

You know what else you can use before, during, and after the big feast?
You can use some ideas about why kids, ages 2-5, do what they do, and what to do about it!
I’ll talk about kids ages 5-18 after the holiday.

Case in point: Did you know there’s a specific age when your child ignores you when you call his name? I know you’ve experienced it!
Did you know there’s a good reason why he does this, and there’s a very easy fix?

Case in point: Tantrums aren’t always about being uncooperative. Did you know in some situations there’s something you’re doing that’s causing a tantrum?
Once you know about it, there’s a very easy way to stop doing it.

Case in point: Timeout doesn’t work well for little people! It just makes them feel unsafe, pouty or angry, and doesn’t teach them much of anything.
There is another way to do timeout that works like a charm, for little kids.

The reasons why these things happen, and ways to shift them, plus much more, so you can have a relatively calm holiday, are in the downloadable audio or video called: When Development is Dressed as Misbehavior and the downloadable series of 5 audios called: EveryDay Solutions Toolbox Series, both on the website and both 20% off right now for Black Friday.

* Don’t forget we are raising our prices, significantly. So this is your chance to purchase some supportive new ideas, at the lower price, plus receive 20% off for Black Friday.

You and I both know that a new pair of shoes are great when they are on sale. However, once the heel is scuffed, its time for a new pair of shoes.
Well, you can’t purchase a new kid, so invest now and change the words you use, the methods you enforce and upgrade the way you correct behavior. After all, you’ll be dealing with your child far longer than a shiny new pair of shoes!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Now, go hug your kids!

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