Your kid behaves the least for you because you are their safe place.  Remember the is an honor, not a burden.


“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
James Baldwin

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When a child yells, for any reason, some part of you cringes.😩
Not on the outside.
Somewhere, deep in the recesses of your subconscious, your inner child winces when you hear your child begin to yell.
Your inner child remembers what it felt like to be yelled at.
Normally, we’re totally unaware of those memories, but they’re in there.
Being triggered by a lack of listening and cooperation or disrespect can cause you to abandon rational thinking, empathetic communication, and the means to calm yourself, so you don’t react and act on your stress response.

Once a stress response is activated, most parents attempt to shut down the impending threat, which happens to be their child. I told you I was going to get real!

Method #1 in 10 No-Yelling methods that Teach & Correct while you remain Calm shares why this is a problem, articulates how the problem plays out in daily life, and what to do. Let me explain.

While your being triggered, getting frustrated, becoming mad, and then yelling, your child is learning.
(S)he’s learning what’s “normal” is in our house.
      • Kids have no idea how other parents’ correct behavior.
They have no idea that behavior can be corrected without yelling, and still work.

      • Often the calmer you are, the clearer and firmer your behavior correction feels to a child.

Your child has learned, from watching you, and from personal experience, that yelling can explode into arguing, then move to a power struggle, all of which ends with a need for a punitive correction.
(S)he assumes this style of correcting is our normal and is the way it will always be in my house.

Then, you purchase 10 No-Yelling methods that Teach & Correct while you remain Calm and you begin trying the new methods. The methods seem to work effortlessly.
However, after a day or two, your child’s misbehavior feels like it’s increasing.
      • There’s an uptick in misbehavior, you’re arguing, lack of listening and cooperating has erupted, all of which
results in your return to yelling.
• Those were all good methods, and they worked, but you’ve begun to doubt if those methods or anything like
them will ever work.

What happened?

The old normal collided with the new normal, that’s what happened.
And that’s what method #1 is all about—
Why behavior increases before it decreases, and what to do.

Once you know about this, and what to do, where do you go from there?
Don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll be introduced to method #2 from 10 No-Yelling methods that Teach & Correct while you remain Calm.
Here’s what others have said about this ebook.

“So interesting. …the whole idea of finding the root cause of issues instead of what’s to punish or correct!! A breath of fresh air.”
Meghan Wydra-Bittinger

“After reading this eBook, I discussed it with my husband, and we both took a big step back and said, ok, we need to re-evaluate our discipline steps and try this out because it sounds healthy, it sounds like it promotes emotional growth while setting parental boundaries without being a hard ass about it and ruining your day. Thank you so much for
writing this!”
Jessica Koze

“This e-book brings a sense of dignity back to parenting and gives us an opportunity to raise happy, independent children who feel good about themselves.”
Lori Austin

“. . . Using Proactive Parenting’s ebook methods gives us more energy. We let the kids take some responsibility, and we aren’t trying to fix and control everything. The kids seem to be happier and have responded wonderfully to our new parenting style.”
Janet Borchert

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