10 No-Yelling Methods System Playbook that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

Are you swimming in a sea of confusion
about how to discipline your child
and want to stop yelling?

10 no yelling methods system that teach and correct while you remain calm

  • You knew parenting would be emotional but you never thought it would be this intense!
  • Correcting behavior sounds like your mother’s words and you’re embarrassed to admit that you’ve begun to parent just like her. .
  • You’re exhausted by all the yelling; the frustration has risen to the point where you’re caving into things you don’t want to, just to keep the peace.
  • You hate what yelling is doing to you, your child, and your relationship, but you continue doing it because you haven’t found anything else that can do the job yet!

Pink FlowerYour inner guidance is telling you that something has to give‚
Things can’t stay this way any longer.

  • Even though you’re yelling, you know in your soul that you’re not a yeller.
  • You begin with teaching, but then your trip-wire gets activated, and you begin fuming and shouting.
  • You know there are methods that work. You’ve witnessed calm, cool, collected parents who have children that respect the rules and boundaries instead of screaming as they leave a playdate.
  • You understand your job as a parent; you’re just not sure how to achieve the balance and the authority you’re looking for without yelling.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you…

  • Change the parenting methods you’ve been using, you know, the ones that haven’t worked in a while.
  • Blend the mindful with the authoritative, as you correct behavior, so it feels like and sounds like you.
  • Use words and actions to model how to respond, so kids can see that it’s possible to respond without anger and yelling.
  • Communicate in ways that don’t deplete and exhaust you, or prevent your child from listening, so you can build a bond that lasts a lifetime.


  • Transforming behavior in a way that builds a lasting foundation of trust and connection for your child to rely on and learn from.
  • Creating the essential skills needed to be successful in life as you correct behavior instead of punishing, which creates resentment and anger and content for future therapy sessions for you both.
  • Imagine being prepared and powerfully equipped to handle today’s parenting challenges and those that are inevitably coming, whether you like it or not.
Kids-10-no-yell Playbook

10 No-Yelling Methods System that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

These ten sought after strategies will fundamentally change
the way you address and teach your child about their behavior.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve had a crazy reactive day with the kids. All you want to do is relax and decompress, but the day doesn’t stop just because you’ve had enough. You know you’ll lie awake in bed rethinking, regretting, and plotting how to make it through another day.
  • You were raised thinking parents are supposed to say something once, and that’s that. But all you experience is push-back
    and big feels when you require that your
    child changes their behavior.
  • You don’t have the emotional bandwidth to face one of your fears, you’re afraid things will never change and your child will have to spend years explaining this to a therapist.
  • You’ve witnessed the look on your child’s face as your words thunder their requests at him; you hurt because he hurts, and you need to change that now.
Kids-10-no-yell Playbook

10 No-Yelling Methods System that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

10 playbooks @ $24.00 = $240.00
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So you don’t have to yell, you’ll walk away with…

  • A fresh perspective about why kids repeat behavior and what to do about it.
  • An effective way to stop an argument once you’re in the middle of one.
  • An empowering visualization image that teaches kids how to release anger and reactions.
  • A new understanding of why a child sees misbehavior and arguing as attention
    and a technique to shift and support the giving of attention that’s critical to kids.
  • Three age-appropriate modern, connected ways to update timeouts and consequences.
  • Kids ages 2-4 need information, not punishment. This loving method sends the message that yes, you need to be corrected, but you don’t need to be afraid when you do something wrong.
  • Kids ages 5-7 need to learn what they did wrong and what’s required to fix it. These lessons are taught as you support and empower them instead of sending them to another space for punishment.
  • Older kids need to learn how to take responsibility and fix the outcome of their choices. They need to learn new self-regulation habits so that habit is locked in their subconscious for a lifetime. This step-by-step method plus sample conversation shows you all the details involved in teaching those skills and what to say and do when things don’t go as planned.
  • A completely different way to announce and enforce rules, focusing on the emotional cost and not just the result.
  • A self-directed, actionable way to create apologies the whole family can use, so you don’t ever have to hear another insincere apology laced with attitude.
  • A powerful, clear two-word statement that stops attitude in its tracks.
Kids-10-no-yell Playbook

10 No-Yelling Methods System that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

10 playbooks @ $24.00 = $240.00
Your 10 Methods System Playbook Price:

Your guide is..

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react
Sharon Smilimg

Hi, I’m Sharon Silver, and they call me the Parent Whisperer. I have the unique ability to see things through a child’s eyes, allowing me to understand and express what they are too young to articulate.

I’ve been a parenting educator for 30 years. My childhood led me to parent in ways I didn’t like. However, the lightbulb moments led to a lifelong dedication to solving parents’ biggest challenges and influenced my education toward parenting and interpersonal dynamics. This resulted in an education in early childhood development and parenting, four parent education certifications, and training from the Cline/Fay Institute, INCAF, and the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

I have taken the BEST strategies and skills I’ve learned and coupled them with proven mindful psychology and child development to create real-life solutions that aren’t fluff. They work for today’s parents, so you can stop feeling like a full-time maid, bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, therapist, and all-around frustrated mom-boss.

Time does not wait…

Every parent finds articles and books online and bookmarks them for later. Then time passes, and what you wanted to read disappears, falling into the digital graveyard.
BUT, your child’s development waits for no parent.

So, if you’re yelling and have been looking for something to replace the yelling with that is supportive and mindful yet authoritative, this Playbook is just what you’ve been looking for.

For less than a pair of shoes for your kiddo, you can have the transformational methods that shift things from having a defeated attitude that feels like nothing will ever change to watching behavior shift right before your eyes.


You’ll receive immediate access to the entire Playbook, and due to its incredible value and ridiculously low cost, I guarantee you will gain valuable insights and transformative parenting skills.

If you don’t completely love this product, I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Read and TRY all the new skills for 7 full days, and if you don’t start seeing transformation in front of your very eyes, please reach out to me at [email protected]

Grab access now

Kids-10-no-yell Playbook

10 No-Yelling Methods System that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

10 playbooks @ $24.00 = $240.00
Your 10 Methods System Playbook Price:

You need methods that support the calmness you need and the clear boundaries your child requires.

You can’t afford not to do this…

The 10 No-Yelling Methods Playbook transforms and updates methods that will feel familiar to both parent and child but have entirely different impacts and outcomes.

The methods will intuitively change the direction your words and actions are headed so you can remain calm without sacrificing your connection or authority.

  • These methods prevent the intuitive instinct to withdraw into fight /flight /freeze mode because you yelled at them.
  • The methods in this Playbook opens ears, motivates cooperation, and inspires learning without having to become permissive or a helicopter parent.
  • These methods allow you to be calm and empowering as you share and enforce the rules and boundaries in your family. Even when the learning moment requires a consequence. Yes, consequences still happen, just by remaining connected, supportive, and mindful instead of punitive.

The 10 No-Yelling Methods Playbook offers tried and accurate, updated methods to move your words and actions toward mindful guidance instead of punitive reactions.

Kids-10-no-yell Playbook

10 No-Yelling Methods System that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

10 playbooks @ $24.00 = $240.00
Your 10 Methods System Playbook Price:

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