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I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it, no one should tell you how to parent your child.
Each and every choice a parent or a child makes creates learning of some kind, and that’s valuable.


You know what you want to say, and what you want teach your child, but unfortunately you keep getting emotionally triggered and stuck in a cycle that brings you back to yelling, arguing, and punishing, again and again.

You’re crazy busy and don’t want to take time from your valuable day to sit and watch a two-hour parenting video, or read several chapters in a parenting book.

Both those issues are solved with Stop Reacting & Start Responding: The Course

You’re the expert on your child. You know what works and what doesn’t.

You’re looking for:

  • A fresh perspective to invigorate you, and your parenting. 
  • New suggestions and methods that actually work.
  • Ways to manage the things that emotionally drain you, the tantrums, disrespect, arguing, outbursts, and the constant need to correct behavior.
  • Most of all, you want to accomplish your goal of parenting with less yelling, so you can return to love and fun.

The Course helps you do just that.


  • The Course shares detailed ways to reduce yelling and arguing. It shows you how to address outbursts, even if you’re in the middle of one.
  • The Course explains the benefits of responding instead of reacting. It shares the step-by-step details to create learning consequences that truly teach, instead of using punitive consequences that do no real teaching.
  • The Course explains all the concepts by showing you how to apply them in real life situations, and includes conversations that support each concept outlined.
  • The Course also gives you a handy resource guide of all the tools and methods outlined in the program so you can refer to them again and again as your child gets older. 


  • Every month, for 9 months, one piece of curriculum becomes available.
  • It’s either a set of audios, or a PDF, or both, so you can listen where and when it works for you.
  • You’re never given too much information at one time, because gaining too much information at once can make you feel pressured and cause you to repeat the cycle of yelling, arguing, and punishing all over again!
  • You’ll learn how to use a calm intuitive authority, which creates safety for your child, inspiring them to learn and grow. 

The Course is built for busy parents like you! You get 30 days to listen and learn before more information is released.

The Course is spread across 9-months, and by the end you’ll have adaptable resources that will grow with your child, plus clear strategies for changing behavior. Every concept helps create respect, listening, cooperation, self-reliance, and increases self-esteem, everything a parent hopes a child gains throughout childhood.

The Course is priced in a way that doesn’t place a financial strain of any kind on your family. In fact, the monthly fee for membership is less than taking a family of 4 out for dinner!

Read all about the curriculum to find out what’s in each month.

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Download 2 Chapters

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