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Mom Dropping of Son at SchoolPreschool, elementary teachers and childcare directors are some of the most valuable resources a parent can have when they’re unsure of what to do during the early years.

All educators know that when parents make parenting changes at home, the benefits also show up in the classroom enabling teachers to remain more focused on teaching and less focused on correcting behavior.

Ultimately, schools are not responsible to help parents make parenting changes. But schools can help parents by hosting a parenting event at their school.

Nationally and internationally known parent educator and author, Sharon Silver, has seen how hosting parent seminars creates a more harmonious school community. Parents feel supported, children realize that the gap between parent and teacher has been closed, and behavior settles down so teachers can go back to teaching.

When you host a Proactive Parenting evening for your parents they will learn:

Pick your battles

  • Fresh new ways to shift from reacting to responding when correcting behavior
  • How to teach self-regulation
  • Ways to truly increase self-esteem
  • Ways to perserve the parent/child connection in the middle of a correction
  • Ways to breakthrough the "I'm not listening barrier"
  • And sample coversations to get the ball rolling.


  • “Thank you so very much for coming to speak with us. On behalf of many parents, I have nothing but compliments to pass on to you. On a personal level, I had a very successful heart to heart conversation with my 14 year old thanks to a couple of your suggestions.”
    Tracey Pastor – Principal, Kyrene De La Sierra Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ

  • “My preschool has now welcomed two parent workshops and we very much look forward to a third. Sharon's workshops are humorous, inviting, friendly and relaxed. We were all very excited about trying the techniques and once we did, they worked!”
    Stephanie Wood, Director, La Petite Academy

  • “Sharon's fees are very reasonable, and for that matter, who could put a price on such valuable and immediately applicable information?”
    Vicki Linderman, Regional Director, La Petite Academy

  • “She challenges, she nudges, she nurtures, and she laughs, but most of all she creates moments of acute learning. Sharon uses both her intuition and her knowledge to make learning an active, pleasurable process.”
    Sudie Pollock, Director, Hill and Valley Teen Parent Program
  Bring one of these powerful seminars to your parent population, school staff or
college child development students, and watch interactions and behaviors change!

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