"Wow. This hits home base. I too grew up with a mom that yelled, rather than spoke, when she was mad. I always told myself I would never be like that because she always made me feel sad when she yelled at me, and I would end up crying, and she'd just shove me off as if the crying made her more mad. Well easier said than done I guess, because I have become my mom, I yell when I get upset, just like she did. My son's eyes swell up with tears and a remorseful look comes over his face, and my heart drops. I feel like crying too, but then that would look silly. I have been struggling to find a way to get away from yelling and showing anger like that to my kids, because its not healthy. But everywhere I go, its the same thing; put your kid in a timeout for (age) minutes. That didn't work; it takes him a good 10 before he even stops crying, and he doesn't care why he's even in timeout. We've tried explaining it to him, to make him understand what he did was bad and got him where he was, but he just shrugs it off. After reading this article, I discussed it with my husband, and we both took a big step back and said 'ok we need to re-evaluate our discipline steps, and try this out' because it sounds healthy, it sounds like it promotes emotional growth, while setting parental boundaries without being a hard ass about it and ruining your day. Thank you so much for writing this!" 
Jessica Koze from Circle of Moms*

"The reason I want moms to know about Proactive Parenting™ Programs is because it makes our lives, as parents, so much easier and less frustrating! Do it yourself!"
*Erika Vincent, mother of 2 West Linn, OR*

“These e-seminars bring a sense of dignity back to parenting and gives us an opportunity 
to raise happy, independent children who feel good about themselves.”
*Lori Austin, mother of 1, Napa, California*

"One thing that always comes to mind when I think about Proactive Parenting™, I am always so comforted to know that I am not alone in the challenge to raise my kids. Parenting is hard but very rewarding, and you, Sharon, make it a lot easier with the depth of experience and advice you have to offer. Offering choices has proven to be very helpful, and both of our kids respond equally well to the choices we offer."
*Kristin DeBaldo, mother of 2, Vancouver, WA*

"I have to tell you that I am simply overwhelmed, relieved, and optimistic about parenting since I found you and Proactive Parenting™. I listen to you and am in awe of how much you know about parenting and choices. I ask myself how am I ever going to learn even a quarter of what there is to know? It's a wonderful feeling knowing that other parents have the same trials and tribulations, and at times second-guess themselves, too. Thank you for making a difference in all of our lives, especially our children's!
*Lea Hayward, mother of 2, Vancouver, WA*

"I was really looking for someone to help me with my kids. Someone who loves kids, doesn't believe in spanking, but knows you can't let kids do whatever they want. Then I found Nurturing Connections (moms group). I still have bad days, of course, but afterwards, instead of not knowing what to do, I have information to make a better plan for next time."
* Robyn Spann, mother of 5, Denver, Colorado *

". . . Using the Proactive Parenting™ tools gives us more energy. We let the kids take some responsibility, and we aren't trying to fix and control everything. The kids seem to be happier and have responded wonderfully to our new parenting style."
* Janet Borchert, mother of 4, Lafayette, Colorado *

"This class enabled us to understand the kids behavior and how we facilitated it."
* Jan Whitehouse, mother of 2, Napa, California *

". . . I'm delighted to find I can now relax in the middle of my toddler's tantrums."
* Michelle Cuthbertson, mother of 2, Lafayette, Colorado *

"Nurturing Connections (moms group) has taught us that we can trust ourselves as we wind our way through the up's and down's of raising our children. We're given more than idle hope that our children will "turn out O.K."
* Rachel Smith, mother of 2, Denver, Colorado *

"Thank you so much for taking time to speak to us tonight.  I feel more hopeful than I have in along time that there is a real solution for our family."
*Lizbeth Green, Ahwatukee Mom's Group member, Phoenix, Arizona*

Your valuable tools and advice are like no other. I feel as if I can do this parenting job with so much more success because of what I have learned from you.
*Amie Jo Caccamo, Portland, Oregon*


Professionals Testimonials

“Sharon's fees are very reasonable, and for that matter, who could put a price on such valuable and immediately applicable information?
*Vicki Linderman, Regional Director, La Petite Academy*

"She chal­lenges, she nudges, she nur­tures, and she laughs, but most of all she cre­ates moments of acute learn­ing, times that stick in parents minds and helps them bet­ter know them­selves. Sharon uses both her intu­ition and her knowl­edge to make learn­ing an active, plea­sur­able process."
* Sudie Pollock, Director, Hill and Valley Teen Parent Program *

"The ProActive Parenting programs came to our center last year. Sharon was patient and kind, sometimes hard to do when you are dealing with overzealous parents like me."
* Paula Carpenter, Assistant Director, KinderCare *

"My preschool has now welcomed two parent workshops and we very much look forward to a third. Sharon's workshops are humorous, inviting, friendly and relaxed. We were all very excited about trying the techniques and once we did, they worked!"
* Stephanie Wood, Director, La Petite Academy *

"Temper tantrums now seem a little more controllable…by the adults, not the children. All parents should take this class, whether they're new parents or parents of toddlers or preschoolers."
* Junie Mendenhall, Director, Children's World Learning Centers *

"The information was invaluable to the student population . . . Nevertheless, I was aware that Sharon could be sharing this same information with an adult population and would be offering equal benefit. What impressed me most, however, was the gentle and clear approach that she had with the students, especially the teen mothers. She was able to gain their attention . . . engage them in active participation . . .no easy feat with this crowd."
* Theresa L. Kratzer, Counselor, Fairview High Teen Parenting Program*