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Momvantage   My daughter is 4, but she acts like a 14 year old sometimes! We are constantly having power struggles over simple things, and she always wants to see who has the stronger will. I will admit, hers is pretty darn strong. I have never seen a child that can fight it out until the bitter end, and still have energy left to kick and scream in her room as I am hollering that she needs to stay in time out. Needless to say, it is not any fun. And it obviously isn’t working. Read More

Ranting Ginger   I recently was given an opportunity to review one of the many online e-seminars from Proactive Parenting It was very hard for me to choose which one I wanted to listen to as they are all so appealing. I believe no matter how many children you have you always have room to learn and grow. After all each child and each parent is different.
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Mommy Goggles  

Who came up with “Terrible Two’s”? That’s what I want to know. What it needs to be is “Terrible Three’s”.We have tried everything from time outs to taking things away like toys, sweets or television. Nothing has helped. Why? We weren’t getting to the root of the problem. I have worked outside the home pretty much all of my life, until last summer when I became a stay at home mommy. Boy, what a different life than what I am accustomed to.  Read More


Molloy Family Chronicles


Sharon Silver from Proactive Parenting gave me access to one of her e-seminars in exchange for my review here on the blog. I loved it! If there's one thing I have learned in the past four years, it is that parenting is way harder than I ever, ever, ever imagined. And there's so much pressure! These toddler/preschool years are critical to laying the foundation for the rest of our lives!!!! Read More


Catch the Drift   A while back I introduced to you Proactive Parenting™. Proactive Parenting™ provides e-seminars for you to download onto your computer, to your iPod, MP3 player or to burn on a CD. There are several e-seminars available to help you become a better parent and better understand your child.Sharon Silver, the creator of Proactive Parenting™ sent me the Everyday Solutions Series. This Series included each of the 10 e-seminars which include whining, siblings, interrupting, yelling and more.. Read More


  Recently, I had the chance to review all 10 online downloadable e-seminars by Proactive Parenting™ These e-seminars are specifically for children between the ages of 1-10. These downloadable e-seminars are iPod/ iTouch/iPhone/MP3 friendly and you can even burn it into a CD. Topics range from Yelling, Self-Control, Whining, Interrupting, Correcting Toddlers, Correcting Preschoolers, Siblings, Listening, Quiet, and Power Struggles. Now, isn’t that a nice healthy mix of behavioral issues we, as parents, face every single day? Read More

Type A Mom

  I reviewed the Proactive Parenting™ seminar on correcting toddlers. The motto of the company is: "Because you're raising a child, not just correcting preschool misbehavior", and the e-seminars reflect that focus. The particular seminar that I listened to is designed for parents of 1-3 year olds, and contains information about correcting behaviors that are common to that age, with methods that are specific to the abilities and intelligence of a child in that age range. Read More