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• Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show – May 11, 1994
“Hitting, Spanking, Smacking: Should it happen to your child?”

• Parenting Magazine and CNN Health,
“How to Win Over Stubborn Kids” May 2011

•  Parenting Magazine,
“When Kids Want Discipline” March 2008

• She,
“Watching the Olympics Together” August 2008

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  • Getting to The Heart of the Matter-HerInsight Radio
  • The Wayne & Jane Show – KBS Radio BC, Canada
  • Family Matters – KPAM – Portland, OR
  • Money in the Morning –KSDO – San Diego, CA
  • Cybercity – KTSA – San Antonio, TX
  • The Martin Birnback Show – KLIF – Dallas, TX
  • The Peter Boyle Show – KHOW – Denver, CO
  • Brugman on the Bay – WMDM – Silver Springs, MD
  • Alexander & Harding – WIKZ – Chambersburg, PA
  • Westchester Speaks – WFAS – Hartsdale, NY
  • View Point – WRVC – Ona, WV
  • No Holds Barred – WRPT – Ashland, MA
  • Chris & Austin – WHMP – N. Hampton, MA
  • The Rick Barber Show – KOA – Denver, CO
  • Dan Mitchell – WKBK – Keene, NH
  • The Jerlyn Battle Show – WCCO –Minneapolis, MN
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  • On-Line – WREL – Lexington, VA
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  • Marion Wroble – WBET – Worchester, MA
  • At Issue – KXEL – Waterloo, IA
  • The Jason Jones Show – WCCO –Minneapolis, MN


Voted #5 in the
Top 25 Education Blogs for Proactive Parents

"The book is going to be my guide. I will master each “lesson”, get it to the point where it’s just my regular way of handling DISCIPLINING my kids, not PUNISHING my kids (that’s the BIGGEST lesson from this book-learning the difference between discipline and punishment)." Read On

Jersey Family Fun

"Unlike other parenting books, I like that Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ is based in reality… In fact, I plan to make some little cheat sheets that I can stash around the house. When one of those times comes up when I want to ‘REACT’ I’ll be able to ‘STOP’ and ‘RESPOND’ instead. Thank you Sharon Silver for showing me the way." Read On


"I think that we all, as parents, can learn from a book like this. It has helped me understand, a little more, about the effects of my yelling. It’s also helped me see—with an opened mind—why my kids react the way that they do. Simply put—I love this book!" Read On

Chaos Appreciation "Stop Reacting and Start Responding put calling my kids a “liar” into a whole new light, and while Mr. B may not agree with what the book suggested he can NOT argue with results.  The fact is, he hasn’t caught Doodlebug lying all week." Read On

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