Why Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead?

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Technology changes rapidly forcing you to jump over new hurdles in order to accomplish your goals. When faced with those challenges you try to find new methods, ideas, and skills to help you navigate those hurdles.

 It’s the same way in parenting.

Your child is changing fast, causing him/her to face many emotional hurdles on the pathway to learning about him/her self and behavior. As a result, correcting behavior becomes a hurdle parents face each and every day.

Most parents never intended on using yelling to correct behavior, and yet yelling is what they do.

You’d love to replace your yelling with something else, but you’re not sure with what.

You provide rules and boundaries, and wonder if the kids are actually learning from them?

You’re sick of yelling. You know it’s not the best way to parent, but you rationalize it by saying, at least yelling gets their attention.

There has to be a better way!

There is and that’s what this webinar is all about.

I truly believe with my whole heart that you are the expert in your child’s life. No one should tell you how to parent. The choices you make in parenting create lessons for both parent and child.  

You know best.
You know what works, and what doesn’t.
You know what to say and teach your child. 

Here’s the big question, is your message getting through to your child? 

  • Are your kids learning from what you tell them, or are they saying whatever they think they should in order to get away from the yelling?
  • Is your message being blocked by yelling? 
  • Is your child misinterpreting your expertise, your words of wisdom, because of something that kids do when a parent yells?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above points, then join us for “Why Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead?”

This FREE webinar addresses: 

  • 1 thing all parents have in common that causes them to cycle back to yelling again and again. 
  • 3 decisions kids make that can impact future behavior and cause more yelling.
  • 3 ways to look at and correct behavior that inspire listening, thinking and cooperation, stops attitude and/or disrespect, and how to implement respectful apologies that create taking ownership for your actions.

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“Why Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead?”

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