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• Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show – May 11, 1994
“Hitting, Spanking, Smacking: Should it happen to your child?”

• Parenting Magazine and CNN Health,
“How to Win Over Stubborn Kids” May 2011

•  Parenting Magazine,
“When Kids Want Discipline” March 2008

• She,
“Watching the Olympics Together” August 2008

TV & Print

  • Getting to The Heart of the Matter-HerInsight Radio
  • The Wayne & Jane Show – KBS Radio BC, Canada
  • Family Matters – KPAM – Portland, OR
  • Money in the Morning –KSDO – San Diego, CA
  • Cybercity – KTSA – San Antonio, TX
  • The Martin Birnback Show – KLIF – Dallas, TX
  • The Peter Boyle Show – KHOW – Denver, CO
  • Brugman on the Bay – WMDM – Silver Springs, MD
  • Alexander & Harding – WIKZ – Chambersburg, PA
  • Westchester Speaks – WFAS – Hartsdale, NY
  • View Point – WRVC – Ona, WV
  • No Holds Barred – WRPT – Ashland, MA
  • Chris & Austin – WHMP – N. Hampton, MA
  • The Rick Barber Show – KOA – Denver, CO
  • Dan Mitchell – WKBK – Keene, NH
  • The Jerlyn Battle Show – WCCO –Minneapolis, MN
  • Gary Lee Horn – WELI – Hamden, CT
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  • On-Line – WREL – Lexington, VA
  • The Phil Ferguson Show – WAKR – Akron, OH
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  • Marion Wroble – WBET – Worchester, MA
  • At Issue – KXEL – Waterloo, IA
  • The Jason Jones Show – WCCO –Minneapolis, MN



Voted #5 in the
Top 25 Education Blogs for Proactive Parents

"The book is going to be my guide. I will master each “lesson”, get it to the point where it’s just my regular way of handling DISCIPLINING my kids, not PUNISHING my kids (that’s the BIGGEST lesson from this book-learning the difference between discipline and punishment)." Read On

Jersey Family Fun

"Unlike other parenting books, I like that Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ is based in reality… In fact, I plan to make some little cheat sheets that I can stash around the house. When one of those times comes up when I want to ‘REACT’ I’ll be able to ‘STOP’ and ‘RESPOND’ instead. Thank you Sharon Silver for showing me the way." Read On


"I think that we all, as parents, can learn from a book like this. It has helped me understand, a little more, about the effects of my yelling. It’s also helped me see—with an opened mind—why my kids react the way that they do. Simply put—I love this book!" Read On

Chaos Appreciation "Stop Reacting and Start Responding put calling my kids a “liar” into a whole new light, and while Mr. B may not agree with what the book suggested he can NOT argue with results.  The fact is, he hasn’t caught Doodlebug lying all week." Read On

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New Sharon Photo white borderTake a healthy dose of mom, mix it with parent education and sprinkle with a dash of a seekers spirit, and you have Sharon Silver.

Sharon has lived what every parent is living: a real life, parenting real children. She’s a parent educator, speaker, coach, writer, and radio and TV host with an intuitive understanding of the challenges parents face. She’s educated in parenting and early childhood development, holds four certifications as a Parent Educator, and was a former facilitator for both The Cline/Fay Institute and Redirecting Children’s Behavior. Sharon is the founder and facilitator of Proactive Parenting, and author of Stop Reacting and Start Responding: 108 Ways to Discipline Consciously and Become the Parent You Want to Be.

Sharon’s parenting motto is, “Discipline shares a parents’ boundaries with the emotional volume turned down” and everything at Proactive Parenting™ reflects that belief. Her mission has always been to create programs that help parents focus on what else can be done instead of going straight to punishment. Proactive Parenting™ is the result of that mission.

She’s a proud mom, a practical and realistic educator and a powerful speaker. Her sense of humor, and teaching style make her easy to listen to, and creates a trustworthy environment for learning.

Sharon has worked in Corporate America, for small and large businesses, as well as owned her own comedy club with her husband of 32 years. As a result, Sharon understands the pressure parents face each day as they try to balance all that’s on their plates.

She has been a radio and TV host, and is currently the host of Stop Reacting-Start Responding on

She’s also a weekly contributor to: Popsugar/Circle of Moms Round-Up and a frequent contributor to Ask


“One things that always comes to mind when I think about Proactive Parenting™, I’m always so comforted to know I’m not alone in the challenge to raise my kids. Parenting is hard but very rewarding and you, Sharon, make it a lot easier with the depth of your experience and advice you have to offer.”
Kristen DeBaldo, mom of 2, Vancouver, WA

“I have to tell you that I am simply overwhelmed, relieved, and optimistic about parenting since I found you and Proactive Parenting™. I listen to you and am in awe of how much you know about parenting and choices. I ask myself how am I ever going to learn even a quarter of what there is to know? It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that other parents have the same trials and tribulations, and at times second-guess themselves, too. Thank you for making a difference in all of our lives, especially our children’s!
Lea Hayward, mother of 2, Vancouver, WA

“Proactive Parenting has taught us that we can trust ourselves as we wind our way through the up’s and down’s of raising our children. We’re given more than idle hope that our children will “turn out O.K.”
Rachel Smith, mother of 2, Denver, Colorado

“She challenges, she nudges, she nurtures, and she laughs, but most of all she creates moments of acute learning, times that stick in the minds of my students and help them better know themselves. Sharon uses both her intuition and her knowledge to capture student’s and make learning an active, pleasurable process.”
Sudie Pollock, Director, Hill and Valley Teen Parent Program


“Discipline shares a parents’ boundaries with the emotional volume turned down.”

“The flower your child will become grows out of the dirt of his misbehavior.”

“What’s lighting the flame under your reactions?”

“Tantrums and Outburst require pulling the emotional plug without pulling the emotional connection.”

“A boundary is the touchstone that helps bring a child through an experience.”

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