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Work/Life Balance

The corporate world is an exhilarating and powerful environment requiring focus, creativity and goals. Employees are dealing with working and raising a family, which means family life can seep into the workday causing a loss of focus and productivity.

Businesses lose from 1-4 weeks of work per year for each employee responsible for children under the age of 6. The resulting cost of lost productivity ranges as high as $12 billion per year.” Pediatrician Magazine

Recently family friendly companies have begun adding helpful perks like stress reduction, dry cleaning, flex hours and more. One important program that’s not often offered by employers is parent trainings.

Why Include Parent Training?

Today’s workplace reality means employee-parents are pulled between responsibilities at work and home, causing emotionally divided employees to show up in the workplace.

Wise businesses today realize this reality and are sharing the responsibility for helping parent-employees fix the problem. If employees have children and have to take care of the needs of those children, and they also have a job and need to be able to be at work and be focused, then what you ask yourself is, ‘What kinds of programs would help?’”
Maureen Corcoran, Vice President of Diversity at Prudential


Affecting the Bottom Line

Your company loses money when employees are focused on issues at home. Each $1 spent on family resource programs usually results in more than $2 in direct cost savings.”
Work Life Today

Studies Confirm Work-Life Conflict Causes:     Supportive Workplace Result In:
High levels of stress leading to increased
Lack of focus thereby reducing productivity
Impaired family and workplace interpersonal
  Resolutions at home and work reducing stress related 
Communication soft skills that enhance interactions &
  accountability both at home & work
Feelings of value and acknowledgment creating employee
Footnote: Adapted from Better Balance, Better Business Alberta Human Resources and Employment study

What Does Proactive Parenting Offer?Professional Couple in Kitchen with the Kids

Today’s parents are smart, savvy, busy and living a radically different life than in years past. Parenting, on the other hand, hasn’t quite caught up to today’s parents; there is still a lot of yelling, arguing and punishing going on.

Proactive Parenting offers problem-solving soft skills that are easily transferable into the workplace where they benefit both the team and project management. These key competencies are a win/win for both family and business.

Lunch and Learn Programs

Lunch and Learn Seminars are available live, as a webinar, or as a tele-seminar held during the lunch hour, versus at night, so parents can retain the information. Each seminar is 1.5 hours in length including Q&A. The dialog during Q&A allows Sharon to show parents how to apply the information discussed.

Why Proactive Parenting and Sharon Silver?

Sharon Silver is a parent educator, speaker and author with a passion for helping parents better understand what's behind their children's behavior. She has helped thousands of parents remain supportive, yet firm, as they teach about behavior, versus repeatedly using methods that aren’t producing results.

  Sharon Silver is known for her gentle, direct, and refreshing perspective on parenting. She has the unique and rare ability to see things from a child's point of view, which brings a valuable perspective to the advice and solutions she shares.

Sharon does a monthly Proactive Parenting segment on Sac and Co, an ABC affiliate in Sacramento CA.

She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, AM Northwest and has done numerous local and national radio, newspaper and magazine interviews, including Parenting Magazine and CNN Health. Sharon is also a weekly blogger for Circle of Moms, AOL’s Patch, Life 360 and
a frequent contributor to Ask Moxie.


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Sharon's parenting career began with an education in parenting, early childhood development, and interpersonal dynamics. Her expertise includes 4 certifications in parent education, facilitating for the Cline Fay Institute and Redirecting Children's Behavior programs, and she’s the creator
of the Proactive Parenting Approach.

What Other Say
“Sharon gives practical parenting advice that parents can implement immediately.  Through personal anecdotes and research she’s able to distill some challenging parenting issues into simple steps for parents to remember. She’s one of our
most popular speakers.”

Eunice Louie, founder, The eBay-PayPal Parents Network

Sharon Silver is the “Go To Person” when it comes to parenting advice. Her advice is in a user friendly manner, not a sterile environment.” Louise Sattler, NCSP Signing Families

“Sharon really does seem to see the entire relationship between parent and child in
our interactions in a way most authors
and speakers don’t.”
Moxie, Ask

“She challenges, she nudges, she nurtures and she laughs, but most of all she creates moments of acute learning…”
Sudie Pollock Dir., Hill & Valley Teen Parent Program

“You valuable tools and advice are like no other. I feel as if I can do this parenting job with so much more success because of what I have learned from you.” Amie Jo Caccamo


Sharon is also the author of 
Stop Reacting and Start Responding:
108 ways to Discipline Consciously and
Become the Parent You Want to Be

Photo of Sharon Silver

When parents are stressed their minds become flooded with emotions and they react. When parents respond their minds
remain clear enough to active the learning needed for the situation.

This no-nonsense, reality-based book is written in the "blog" style, using short concise tips, instead of chapters of theory,
to help parents tackle the emotions and situations that are produced everyday
when raising kids ages 1-12.

Imagine Information that Contains:

Ways to correct your child without reacting
Tips so your child listens withou arguing
Immediate and transformative solutions
New ideas that make changes within

Sample conversations to guide you


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