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Shouldn’t You Be You, Too?

I'm sitting here thinking about what my kids said to me on this Mother's Day. The sentiment that was clearly expressed was, "Thank you mom, for letting me be me." They acknowledged we didn’t always see eye-to-eye. They also acknowledged that they always felt loved,...

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Powerful, Whole and in Charge

Everyone wants to feel whole, powerful and in charge of their lives. Getting the great job was the goal.  √ Finding the right partner was the goal. √ Having kids was the goal. √ But now, the goal has turned your world upside down. √ You feel trapped. You’re...

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I had to do it: Spanking!

What are YOUR thoughts about the spanking research that has emerged? As you may have guessed, I’ve given this a lot of thought. This is a long, but important post. Being a child who was spanked, I’d like to shift the spanking conversation away from “should you” or...

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Poop, Shoes and Timeout

Time Magazine online posted an article about timeout that's worth the read. Most parents use a “traditional” timeout to correct behavior. But there’s another way parents use timeout, too. A subtle, less traditional method that never announces. “You’re in timeout.” It...

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Dealing with an impulsive child means correcting your child over and over again.

That’s not only exhausting, it also sends an inaccurate silent message to the child.

Read this free e-book and learn what the message is, and how to help your child shift from impulsivity to self-control.

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