Mom phone

How to Handle Phone Interruptions

Do your kids come running to interrupt you as soon as you get on the phone? It's as if kids have a silent alarm that goes off inside of them. A lot of parents will get off the phone when this happens. But that just causes parental resentment. Is there anything else that can be done? Read More

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8 Limits That Make Video Games Good for Your Kids

You bought your child a video game…and now he won’t get up! Or worse, when you ask him to take a break, he screams, “But the game isn’t finished!” Here's how to fix it without taking away the fun. Read More

How My Stepdad Won Me Over

Why do some kids warm to their stepparents while others spend years fighting them? A parenting coach shares the story of her own parents' painful divorce — and the smart steps her new step dad took to earn her love and respect.
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7 Fixes for the Homework Battle

Every day, around 3pm, both mother and child wonder the same thing, “Is homework going to be a big battle today?”

Any parent who battles with their child over homework can tell you getting assignments done can cause a fight, lower self-esteem and cause a lot of crying and yelling. Read More

What Kids Need Most When They Misbehave

A mom wrote me a question and said, “I actually scared myself the other day. I was so angry at my daughters behavior that I began screaming and yelling. I was so loud I was afraid the neighbors were going to call social services. I am ashamed of how I sounded and I’m scared I can’t stop doing that.”
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How to Help Your Child Listen and Cooperate

I seem to have a rather snotty princess-like kid on my hands. Every time I ask her to do something she laughs at me, like she’s mocking me and letting me know she’s in charge—not me! Read More

6 Ways to Help with Separation Anxiety at School

A group of moms in the park were talking about how worried they were about their child’s separation anxiety. One mom said, Tammy has the worst case of separation anxiety I have ever seen. No matter where I leave her she screams, even at grandma’s. Read More

Why Yelling is a Waste of Time and Energy

Do you think yelling and being firm are the same thing? Many parents do. They believe in order to be firm, you have to yell. I believe yelling is yelling, and that firmness is authority in action and requires no yelling. Read More

Boy Crying

6 Products That Encourage Kids to Cooperate with Parents

Through out the generations parents have believed, “If my child would just do as I say then we wouldn’t have to argue, fuss, or fight.” But your child's lack of cooperation is only 50% of the story.
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What it Means to Be a Good Mother

Summer has an uncanny way of making you face yourself. Whether it’s the heat, the late nights, or because time seems to stretch on and on, summer can be a time of reflection. Read More

How to Get Your Child to Follow the Rules

So many parents tell me the same story; I don’t know how to make my child follow the rules. When I ask her to do anything she just says no, or begins to argue.
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7 Ways to Help Your Child Learn Self-Control

Have you ever witnessed a child who constantly dominates a conversation, or a child who grabs objects out in public, even after being told not to touch? What about a child who just doesn’t seem to know how to wait his turn? Are these kids "bad" or are they kids who need help learning how to control their impulsive natures? Read More

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