• Correcting your child without yelling
  • Your child listening without arguing
  • A parent/child relationship that enhances self esteem for everyone

Love me when I Least deserve it because that is when I most need it

I believe that parents know, deep inside of themselves, what to do and how they want to parent. The confusion begins when a parent is involved in a whirlwind of emotions. When parents are stressed, their minds become flooded with emotions and they react. When parents respond, their minds remain clear enough to activate the learning needed for the situation.

No parent has the emotional capacity, when involved in an emotional situation, to put the situation on pause while they read a chapter to search for a way to arrive at a calmer outcome.
This book is written in a way that makes that possible.

Stop Reacting and Start Responding™

  • Is a no-nonsense, reality-based book written in the "blog" style, using short, concise tips
  • Offers quick tips at the end of each topic to remind parents what to do when they and/or their child is reacting
  • Tackles the emotions that are produced during the everyday situations that parents face
  • Explores a different way to look at situations, and shares a new perspective that ignites a parents' own wisdom, allowing them to resolve situations calmly, lovingly, and firmly
  • Allows parents to enjoy the read and then use it as a tool to remind and support them when reactions occur

A perfect example is, when a child says, “No!” A lot of parenting information only addresses how to stop a child from saying “No!” Stop Reacting and Start Responding explores why a child might be saying “No!” and shows a parent how to acknowledge those emotions, while teaching the child what he or she should be doing instead. And it does it all without punishment.