Development Dressed as Misbehavior

For Preschoolers
mom holding a crying child

Do you have 2-5 year old?

 Then you’ve experienced



power struggles!

What if I told you there are ways

to work with development


change behavior at the same time?

Well, there is!

Some say, “I don’t care where this behavior is coming from,

I just want it to stop!”

It’s important to know what truly motivates behavior so you can understand

the reason a child acts the way they’re acting, and what they need to learn.

Once you know those things, you have an intuitive sense of which direction to

head to work with development, not against it, change behavior, support

EQ, and build self-esteem.


Let me ask you this

Little Girl looking away

What if your 2 yr. old screams and throws herself on the floor because she didn’t get what she wanted?

What can you do when your 2 year old hits, bits or throws something, so she truly learns?

Does she get a timeout?  There’s a better way!

Little Girl with big eyes

What happens when
you call your 3 yr. old and … crickets…he doesn’t appear?

Do you scream louder?

How do you teach a 3 year old to stop interrupting without shutting her down?



Boy looking Down

What do you do when your 4 yr. old denies getting into the candy, even though there’s a huge chocolate smudge on his shirt?

Do you accused him of lying?

How can you show you 4 year old that potty mouth is. not. okay.

Boy looking away

What do you do when your 5 yr. old hurls nasty words at you because she thinks you’re being unfair!

Do argue about her disrespect?

How can you stop a 5 year old from using a bossy tone of voice?


If you’re looking to help a preschooler

manage behavior while supporting EQ,

and building self-esteem, you’ll want to know:

What motivates behavior at this age, and

some time-tested, realistic, and intuitive methods.

We have both!

When Development

is Dressed as Misbehavior

This seminar addresses the things you naturally assumed were purely intentional misbehavior, but are actually points of development that motivate behavior. You will find ways to communicate during these intense phases so you can be heard no matter what, even during a tantrum or a power struggle!

You will also discover the life/emotional skills a child truly needs in order to move through a stage.

This new way of correcting will keep you calm yet allow you to handle behavior with empathetic firmness.

Everyday Solutions ToolBox

Since preschoolers are learning something new every 60-90 minutes, they need to be given information as part of a correction. They need to be told what you want them to do, instead of punishing them after they’ve already done it.

The toolbox is a collection of practical and fun ways for preschoolers to learn about, and change their behavior.
These 4 audios + Bonus audio do just that!

The ToolBox includes 5 MP3 audio files:

Stopping Hitting, Biting and Toy Taking
36:32 minutes

We don’t Talk Like That!
20:21 minutes

Stop Talking: Gaining a Few Minutes of Silence
13:55 minutes

Not Now I’m Talking!
20:11 minutes

Bonus Audio: One Word That Can Save A Life
4:06 minutes

When Development

is Dressed as Misbehavior







Everyday Solutions


House toolbox


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