You’re torn

between the calm you want in your parenting,

and the reacting that’s happening.

The two aren’t aligning—you’re conflicted.

Responding changes everything!

Let Proactive Parenting show you why!

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Sharon Silver


Words that increase listening and cooperation.

Correcting behavior without yelling,

Truly being heard without arguing.

Proactive Parenting makes that happen!

No parent likes correcting behavior,

but it’s part of the job.

You can be authentic, calm, and hold kids

accountable as you respond.

Proactive Parenting shows you how!

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Our Mission

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My parenting work and this site are in close

alignment with ideals of the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

We are devoted to helping you shift

from using a reactive authority,

to using a responsive authority,

which uses calm, firm methods, and observing

so you can guide a child

toward the learning they need to stop misbehaving. Read More

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What We Offer

Boy-with Big Eyes for Dveelopment Seminar

Find the Source and Solutions for Tantrums, Wild and Sassy Behavior

If you have a 2-5 year-old then you’ve experienced tantrums, wild or sassy behavior, right? You think it’s misbehavior. It looks and feels like misbehavior. But the truth is something else is motivating it. Learn what that is.


Dad-and-Boy-for-Authentic Parent Seminar

Change Arguing, Yelling and Constant Corrections

No parent likes reacting, yelling or punishing, but sometimes it feels like that’s the only thing that gets through to your child. This series shares firm, calm, clear, and instructive ways to correct behavior. It’s everything you want your parenting to be. Begin now


Stop Reacting and Start Responding Cover

108 Practical Solutions
for Everyday Life

No parent has time to read 300-pages of child development and parenting theory to find answers. I’ve reduced the solutions down to 2 pages per topic with an easy way to reference answers in 1 minute or less so you can move on. Get started now.



One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes all you need is to talk things out, get some ideas to inspire you so you’re refreshed and get back to it. That’s what coaching is all about. Get the tips and solutions you’re looking for to live the family life you’ve dreamed of.
Book a session now.


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Mom yelling at daughter with megaphone

Why Yelling Is a Waste of Time and Energy  21.9K Shares

Do you think yelling and being firm are the same thing? Many parents do. They believe in order to be firm, you have to yell. I believe yelling is yelling and that firmness is authority in action and requires no yelling.
Read On >.

wild boy yelling

How to Deal With Back Talk From Your Kids 13.3K Shares

When a child is being verbally disrespectful, or as we called it in our home, “emotionally biting” someone, a parent’s defensive wall goes up and she screams right back! Reader Jodie M. wonders how “to manage her own anger when dealing with oppositional kids.”  Read On >

Sad Boy

One Thing You Should Never Say to Your Child 12.3K Shares

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” When I was little that rhyme was the big, bad, powerful statement we used to ward off the vicious attacks of other kids. Read On >

Mom talking to son on sofa

4 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen to You 453 Shares

Recently I asked a group of moms, “How do you get your child to listen to you?”

Some replied, “Give consequences till he listens,” and others, “Be willing to leave if she doesn’t listen.” Those things do work, but most of the time a parent has to add a reaction to the request in order for it to work. Read On >

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What Others Say

“This has triggered a wonderful inner transformation for me on many levels. Big light-bulb for me is that we are here to TEACH, not reprimand with time-outs they don’t understand. I see every moment as a teaching opportunity because of you!” Renee Taylor

I thoroughly enjoyed The Authentic Parent Series. I thought if I only gain one or two things from the course, it will be worth it. It was so much longer and extensive than I thought. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Vera Womek

“I’ve seen sites like this before… they look like they offer great stuff, but give fluff or BS. I’m amazed at the immediate results with my child and myself. I’m in control… I don’t get emotional or upset. I now use situations as teachable moments, and my child totally responds.” Erin from Oregon

“It’s really refreshing to get helpful tips that start with the change within us first. I find your insight really helpful and exactly what I am looking for.” Lani Wharton

Imagine truly being heard instead of arguing.

Become an Authentic Parent
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